Regenon retard 60 mg ( buy Regenon 60mg)

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Box : 60 pcs prolonged-release capsules
Manufacturer : HORMOSAN Pharma GmbH
Composition: Amfepramoni hydrochloridum
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Regenon retard 60 mg

Regenon retard 60 mg considered to produce less central nervous system disturbance for patients with hypertension.

1 capsule contains: Active ingredient: 25 mg Amfepramoni hydrochloridum (INN prop.).
Excipient: Ethylvanillinum.
Regenon delay 1 tablet contains: Active ingredient: 75 mg Amfepramoni hydrochloridum (INN prop.).

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Amfepramone hydrochloride (a derivative of Amfepramone) is reported as an ingredient of Regenon retard in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Romania

Foreign Names

  • Amfepramonum (Latin)
  • Amfepramon (German)
  • Amfépramone (French)
  • Anfepramona (Spanish)

Chemical Names

1-Propanone, 2-(dietylamino)-1-phenyl-

2-(Dietylamino)propiophenone (WHO)

2-Dietylaminopropiophenon (IUPAC)

Properties / Effects

Regenon and Regenon retard 60 mg contain a substance with a central stimulating effect which also has an anorectic effect, among other things.

Employment limitations

– Hypersensitivity to one of the components of Regenon or Regenon retard.
– Pregnancy and breast feeding.
– Severe high blood pressure.
– Pulmonary arterial hypertension.
– History or existence of cerebrovascular or cardiovascular diseases, including heart rhythm disturbances.
– Tendency to drug abuse, declared alcoholism.
– Children under the age of 12.
– History or existence of mental illnesses, including nervous anorexia and depression.
– Hyperthyroidism, pheochromocytoma, glaucoma, prostatic hyperplasia, hepatic and renal insufficiency.
– Cannot be taken at the same time as MAO inhibitors or during the 2 weeks after the interruption of such treatment.
Concomitant treatment with another centrally acting appetite suppressant is contraindicated, in particular because of the increased risk of pulmonary hypertension with possible lethal outcome and the possible risk of damage to the heart valves.

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10 Boxes 600 pills, 2 Boxes 120 pills, 3 Boxes 180 pills, 4 Boxes 240 pills

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