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buy Etorphine (M99) powder

buy Etorphine (M99) powder is a semi-synthetic opioid possessing an analgesic potency approximately 1,000–3,000 times that of morphine. It was first prepared in 1960 from oripavine, which does not generally occur in opium poppy extract but rather the related plants Papaver orientale and Papaver bracteatum. It was later reproduced in 1963 by a research group at MacFarlan Smith in Gorgie, Edinburgh, led by Kenneth Bentley. It can also be produced from thebaine.

Etorphine is a very potent derivative of morphine. It has similar properties to morphine but is more respiratory depressant. Its very great potency means that a small volume can be used in dart gun projectiles for immobilizing large, wild game animals. However, this makes it a dangerous drug to handle and constitutes a safety hazard to the anaesthetist.

Etorphine is extremely long acting and recovery is also delayed by enterohepatic recycling. Its action is usually terminated by the use of diprenorphine, a specific antagonist, but relapse into deep sedation may occur. The drug produces CNS stimulation before depression, resulting in excitement before the onset of anaesthesia.

In an attempt to overcome this, etorphine is marketed in fixed ratio combinations with phenothiazine tranquillizers (‘Large Animal Immobilon’ with acepromazine and ‘Small Animal Immobilon’ with methotrimeprazine). Should accidental self-administration occur, death can result if the human antidote (naloxone) is not readily available.


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